Jonah and the Big Fish

Motor Skills

Fine Motor: tracing names, tracing lines, pencil grip, make playdoh stars, cutting squares, on the tail on the zebra

Gross Motor: Gym curriculum

Social Emotional

This week we will develop our imaginations and teamwork as we pretend to be in a zoo during dramatic play


This week we will complete a zoo alphabet scavenger hunt, a zoo animal book, learn that J is for jellyfish, and match letters to a placemat


Math: Number 7 poster, Giraffe number match, Zoo color scavenger hunt, Sorting animal crackers


This week we will have a Zoo sensory bin, create Foaming stars, paint animal tracks, and play Animal charades


This week for art we will create Jonah and the Whale, a paper bag monkey, zoo paper plate art, and Glue a star suncatcher