Jonah and the Big Fish

Motor Skills

This week we will continue the gym curriculum that focuses on tossing, running, and quick movement strategy
For fine motor skills, we will develop fine motor muscles by drawing on a vertical surface, gluing paper, pinching sequins for gluing, and lacing cereal on a string.

Social Emotional

This week we will work on building community skills by playing together in the kitchen area and pretending to be a family


This week we will work on the ABC Puzzle, Plastic Letters on door as well as read Brown Bear Brown Bear, Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes and The Color Kittens


This week we will Point and count 1-5, Apple Tree #5 worksheet, Color Cubes, Peg Puzzles, Stack 5 Blocks and Count them.


This week we will explore sensory bottles, discuss different types of bears, and what they eat.


This week we will Glue Leaves on Letter L, Color on a Vertical Surface, Decorate a star shape with sequins, Make a bear face with a paper plate, and Make a Fruit Loop Necklace