Motor Skills

We are beginning to practice writing our last names. Please watch your child's homework binder for a practice sheet.

Social Emotional

Each week we read a story from the Bible. We are focusing on the New Testament this month. We discuss what we think God is trying to tell us in the story. It is amazing how the kids are able to recognize the lessons that God is teaching us!


We are reading each day in reading groups. The kids read their books aloud during group time. They are also learning to silent read. We are working on sight word recognition. Each week we build sight words using letter tiles and then practice writing and reading the words. We then make a book for each word and read the book aloud.


We are continuing to count, write, and model numbers to 10. Shortly, we will begin addition.


We are learning about evaporation. We will do an experiment in class to track how long it takes water to evaporate.


We have been creating "food crafts". The kids get to explore art using food as a medium. This is one case where it is O.K. to play with your food!