School Age

1st- 3rd Grade

Social Emotional

This month we are focusing on anti-bullying and community unity. This aligns with our theme of 'My Neighborhood'. Our primary lesson in this area will be daily conversations with students about appropriate ways to act and react in situations of conflict or differences.


Literacy will focus around the audiobook 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis, as well as our daily journals that ask social-emotional questions such as 'What makes you feel brave?'


Our math curriculum this month has a great variety of concepts. We will cover square footage calculations, volume, measuring, and mathematical vocabulary in the form of a word search.


Science this month will revolve around simple machines, especially those used in construction, and cooking concepts. We will explore the inside of a pumpkin, and then make sensory slime as well as toast the seeds.


This month in art we will be creating several 3-D projects, such as a neighborhood, a nature collage, and raised paint in open-ended style.