Room 117


Motor Skills

We are continually practicing writing our names, cutting and strengthening our fine motor skills.

Social Emotional

Throughout the whole school year, we will and are teaching the children of working through their conflicts with each other, problem solving and taking turns. When we play games we are also working on the fact that even though you play the game you may not always be a winner and how to cope with the fact that that they can't always win at everything, and sometimes just participating and trying is a lot of fun too!!!


Every week we have a different theme for the week, our classroom books reflect our theme in the classroom. While I or Miss Pursley are teaching we really work with the children on learning the importance of reading and looking at picture clues when we are reading to help the children know that even though they might not know the word if the look at the picture they may be able to understand what is going on.


This month with math we are working with each child on one on one correspondence. We are teaching them to count each object and cross it out as the count it so they know what they have already counted. After counting objects as a whole we are then teaching the children that the last number counted is the correct number.


This month for science we will be talking about nocturnal and diurnal animals and their habitats. We are also learning about the season of fall and what are the characteristics of fall.


All of our art projects are process art projects, and they are focused around a theme that we are learning about for the week. The kids are doing all of the steps of the art on their own with teacher assistance if necessary. While doing art the children are working on following directions, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and so much more.