Room 119


Social Emotional

Each week we are learning one of the Seven Habits of Happy Kids. The children are understanding and putting them into practice. We use a story to illustrate each one and then discuss what things we can do to have that habit. We are proactive and ready to listen during circle without the teachers' reminders. We are having the end in mind and stopping to think what could happen before we make a bad choice. We are putting first things first and doing our “work, work” before we play.


We are doing a great job at learning to write our names. We will continue to practice by building names with letters and writing. We will practice letter identification through games such as highlight the letter, trace/stamp/write the letter and find letters in pumpkin. We will work on letter sounds in conjunction with this.


We will work on math skills like counting and subitizing with a star dice game. We will practice sequencing with story cards. We will learn pattern recognition with fall candy. We will graph our favorite color and see who has less/more.


We will talk about nocturnal animals and classify animals into day or night. We will explore magnets and dissect a pumpkin to see what’s inside. We will experiment with yeast and do some color mixing.


Our artwork is all about exploring with materials, being creative and practicing fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing. We will paint a starry night and paint with marbles. We will create a pumpkin mosaic and design our own troll with various craft materials.